Club Guidelines



The following summarises the standards of conduct expected by SYC of its members.

  •  Respect and courtesy: a member must show respect and courtesy, at all times, to all other members, visitors to the club, and to the club’s employees and contractors. Any rudeness, bullying, offensive and/or threatening behaviour will be treated by the Executive Committee as a breach of this standard.
  •  SYC’s employees or contractors: a member who has an issue with any of the club’s employees or contractors in relation to the performance of that person’s duties must raise that issue with an appropriate member of the Executive Committee. A member is not entitled to act as the employer of such persons.
  •  Health and Safety: a member must abide by the club’s health and safety requirements. In particular, in relation to the hardstand, cleaning grid and work berth areas, members must heed the rules and conditions contained in the club’s handbook and any directions given by the Slip Master and/or the Haulout committee.
  •  Insurance: a member:
    • must have insurance cover on his/her boat at any time it is on the haulout, cleaning grid or work berth, and at any time it is being used in club activities. The minimum level required is $2m of third party cover.
    • who wishes to use a third party contractor to work on his/her boat on the club’s premises may only use a contractor who has satisfied the club that they hold adequate insurance cover.
  •  Appropriate attire: a tidy* standard of dress is required in the upstairs area of the clubhouse – dirty work clothing, swimwear, and wet/sandy footwear are not appropriate. (*Members are encouraged to use the clubhouse after working on their boats, after racing, etc., but if your clothing/footwear will make the upstairs dirty or wet, please get cleaned-up/changed first.)
  •  Guests: members are to procure that any guests they bring to the club abide by the standards in this code of conduct.
  •  Other Rules: members are required to abide by any other rules that may be set by the club.

A failure to maintain any of the standards may be considered as ‘unbecoming conduct’ on the part of the member.  Serious and/or repeated breaches of the standards by a member may result in termination of his/her membership under rule 16 of the club’s constitution.


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