Boat Ramp

Sandspit All-Tide Boat Ramp

Sandspit Yacht Club owns and operates an all-tide boat ramp at 1287 Sandspit Road.

  • Non-members are welcome to use this ramp.  The cost is $13.50 each way.
  • Payment is via INUGO. Download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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boat ramp sandspit yacht club

Conditions of usage:

  • Triple axle trailers are not permitted on the ramp.
  • The maximum total weight allowed (boat & trailer) is 4 tonnes. Certificates must be provided on request.
  • Power loading is not permitted.
  • Parked vehicles must not extend over the car park length markings.
  • Paid non-member parking may be available in off-peak periods for one day only. Permits can be purchased using the QR code displayed in the car park when parking is available.
  • Class one vehicles only allowed on the ramp.
  • Both the boat and car must be insured.
  • No on-site wash down or rubbish disposal allowed.


09 425 9008